Life Tech US challenges Japan to giant robot battle

US challenges Japan to giant robot battle

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They’ve been popularised in movies, television and video games, but giant fighting robots still haven’t left the realm of science fiction.

That will soon change.

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Megabots Inc, an Oakland, California-based start-up, has built a 4.5-metre mechanical gladiator called the Mark II and challenged a Japanese firm to an international battle for robot supremacy.

Tokyo-based Suidobashi Heavy Industry, maker of the four-metre Kuratas machine, accepted the challenge, setting the stage for the first giant robot battle of its kind next year.

The date and location are still to be determined.

Win or lose, it’s all part of Megabots’ plan to turn gladiator-style robot combat into big-time entertainment – a mix between Ultimate Fighting Championship and Formula One racing – while developing new technologies and inspiring a new generation of engineers.

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