Life Tech These are the coolest people to follow on Instagram

These are the coolest people to follow on Instagram

Murad Osmann
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Baddie Winkle – 1.7m followers

Trust us, this 87-year-old great grandma is cooler than you. With the help of her 19-year-old great granddaughter Kennedy, Baddie Winkle (real name: Helen von Winkle) has become a style sensation. Baddie began dressing up to cope with the death of her husband and son and the groovy grandma has since amassed a huge celebrity following (Miley Cyrus took her to the MTV Awards as her date) plus gifts and endorsements from major clothing labels. Despite the success, Baddie still knows how to keep it real in a crop top.




Hawkeye Huey – 182,000 followers

Who knew a five-year-old could take such great photos? Little Huey – the son of National Geographic photographer Aaron Huey – takes old-school analog snaps that could rival those of the biggest names in photography. Huey’s retro snaps, typically of the American West, draw thousands of likes and capture the world from an entirely different perspective. Plus, his equally talented father often shares portraits of wide-eyed Huey himself on the account. Adorable and impressive all at once.



Solange Knowles – 1 million followers

Forget Beyonce – her little sister is far cooler. Musician, fashionista and mother of one Solange has a style all her own and an eye for finding art in the everyday. Whether sharing snapshots of her stunning New Orleans home, or photos of her many jewel-toned outfits, Knowles’ account is envy-inducing eye candy. Plus, her all-white 2014 wedding to director Alan Ferguson is the stuff of Instagram folklore.



Badly Drawn Models – 79,300 followers

The intersection between art and humour is a wonderful place to be. Amateur artist Sean Ryan knows this and has made the most of that wonderful niche with his Instagram account, Badly Drawn Models. With the blurb, “beautiful people, drawn badly” Ryan has crafted a page that both showcases his talent and his sense of humour. His beautiful, cheekboned subjects often regram his wonky, awkward creations and Ryan claims none of the models have asked him to remove their images so far. Perhaps this is because the sketches, although hilariously warped, are pretty beautiful in their own right.



Raskalov – 204,000 followers

Warning: may induce extreme vertigo. For Russian instagrammer Vitaliy Raskalov chilling out on top of some of the world’s tallest buildings is all in a day’s work. The passionate “urban explorer” likes to live life “on the roof”. He and his mates travel the world, climbing to the top of skyscrapers, cranes, churches and spires to take nausea-inducing aerial shots.



Murad Osmann – 3.5 million followers

Murad and his stunning wife Nataly have a unique way of documenting their travels: Murad photographs his wife leading him by the hand to each breathtaking destination. The creativity, romance and adventure in each photo have captured the hearts of more than three million people. Nataly also has impressive attention to detail and matches all of her outfits to the scenery.




Dominique Ansel – 142,000 followers

Surely the guy who created the Cronut knows what he’s doing when it comes to sharing food photos. Ansel, owner of the famous NYC bakery of the same name, is responsible for many a pastry creation. On his drool-worthy Instagram account he showcases some of his delicious dessert inventions, as well as meals he eats dining out that will genuinely make you want to lick your phone screen.




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