Life Tech How Google wants to kill off Microsoft Office

How Google wants to kill off Microsoft Office

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Google’s slogan is “Don’t be evil”, but Microsoft may be reaching for even stronger words after the tech company’s latest move.

Google has made a direct pitch to Microsoft Office customers, attempting to lure them away from long-term enterprise agreements (EA) by offering free use of their Google Apps for Work suite.

Currently, most companies using Microsoft Office suite license the software under EAs which lock them in long term on the condition of large discounts.

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For this reason, even companies with an interest in trying out other competitors’ software would be losing money if they had to pay out their EA.

The sneaky solution for Google was to offer currently-licensed Microsoft Office users free use of Google Apps for Work while they pay off their current agreement with Microsoft.

The offer may sound too good to be true, and of course it is.

Google is offering the deal on the proviso companies who take advantage of it commit to licensing its software once it’s out of contract.

Further, Google is offering small IT resellers $US25 per user in training costs, out of pocket.

“It’s cash from us, on behalf of customers, for resellers,” Google Apps head of global sales Rich Rao told Business Insider.

Microsoft Office remains one of the last strongholds of the tech company, but Google claims to be making fast headway, with 60 per cent of the Fortune 500 allegedly using Google Apps in at least some capacity.

Google Apps for Business includes Google Docs, Gmail and Google Calendar.

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