Life Tech Will this update mean the end of the password?

Will this update mean the end of the password?

One billion Yahoo accounts hacked
Yahoo is set for a new name after it was sold to Verizon. Photo: AAP
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Yahoo’s newest security update has removed the need for details usually synonymous with the concept.

A new feature launched in an updated Yahoo Mail on Thursday evening (AEST), eliminated the need for a password in the sign-on process.

Rather, users sign in with a digitally generated code sent to their smartphone, once they link with the device’s application.

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“Passwords are usually simple to hack and easy to forget,” the company said in a statement.

“Account Key streamlines the sign-in process with a secure, elegant and easy-to-use interface that makes access as easy as tapping a button.

“It’s also more secure than a traditional password because once you activate Account Key — even if someone gets access to your account info — they can’t sign in.”

This was because the code was generated once an attempt to log-in was made and provided with information of the user.

From there, they could select to approve or reject the request.

The feature was offered on an opt-in basis, so those who preferred to endure remembering and entering passwords manually could continue to do so.

Other new features in the update included a ‘multiple mailbox’ manager to combine separate accounts in the one place, better archived searching and the automatic suggestion of contacts when composing a message.

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