Life Tech Apple reports record sales for in-demand iPhone 6s

Apple reports record sales for in-demand iPhone 6s

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Apple’s new iPhone’s have delivered a record sales boost for the company, with more than 13 million flying off the shelves during their first weekend of availability.

But despite the record sales forgoing the predictions of analysts, Apple’s share price fell more than 1 per cent.

IDC analyst John Jackson told Reuters this might mean investors did not think Apple could generate the same demand there was for its precious iPhone 6, which gave the company its most profitable quarter ever.

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“Topping what the iPhone 6 achieved looks like a tall order, even for Apple, with its history of outdoing itself,” Mr Jackson said.

The iPhone 6 held the previous record of 10 million unit sales in its first weekend, but those numbers did not include China, where regulatory problems delayed the gadget’s release in 2014.

Analysts reported Apple was virtually assured to set a first-weekend record for iPhone sales with the inclusion of China, which many expect will soon be the company’s largest market.

The sales figures take into account 12 countries across the globe, with China looking “white hot”.

FBR Capital Markets analyst Daniel Ives said more than 2 million iPhones were solved in China over the weekend.

“Demand out of China looks white hot,” he said.

Apple is also being helped by an underachieving field.

Phones from rival Samsung Electronics have received a soft reception, while other makers could be stuck playing catch-up, Reuters reported.

Apple leans heavily on iPhone sales. They generated nearly two-thirds of last-quarter revenue.

Its shares were down 1.5 percent in morning trading.

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