Life Tech Selfies, smashed avo push Instagram to milestone

Selfies, smashed avo push Instagram to milestone

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It seems the secret to growing an enormous social media business is simple – create a platform for pretty food photos, stunning scenery and millions of selfies.

Instagram, owned by Facebook, has just passed the 400 million active user milestone and it seems there is little fear the growth will end.

The app is considered to be expanding thanks to incredible use from teens and 20 to 30-year-olds.

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Justin Bieber (23.8 million), Kim Kardashian (23.5 million) and Beyonce (22.2 million)4 boast the most followers on the platform, behind Instagram’s own account (64.1 million).

In terms of Australia, actor Liam Hemsworth joined Instagram in early September. He already had over 369,000 followers.

When Facebook bought the app for $1 billion USD in 2010, Instagram had 30 million registered users. 

By February 2013 it had 100 million, March 2014 200 million, last December 300 million and only nine months later in September 2015 there are 400 million users, according to The Guardian.

“While milestones like this are important, what really excites us is the way that visual communication makes the world feel a little bit smaller to every one of us,” the company said in a blog post.

It also revealed most rapidly growing countries include Brazil, Japan and Indonesia.

Kim kardashian
Kim Kardashian is considered to be one of the foremost Instagram selfie exponents. Photo: Instagram

On the whole, Instagram still trails other social media platforms in the active mobile user stakes.

Facebook has 1.3 billion, while other apps Facebook owns like WhatsApp (900m) and Facebook Messenger (700m) are also ahead.

However, Instagram is ahead of Twitter’s 316 million monthly active users.

Snapchat claim to have 100 million active users per month, but have published no figures comparable to Instagram’s, reported The Guardian.

It is believed that these two photo-based apps are the ones with the biggest and most engaged audiences among teenagers and those in their twenties.


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