Life Tech Nikon creates a camera your dog can use

Nikon creates a camera your dog can use

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Canines with Instagram accounts will now be able to take their own photos rather than relying on us humans to do it for them with Nikon creating a camera just for dogs.

The device works by reacting to the pooch’s increased heart rate when it sees something it likes and snapping a picture.

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While the photos in Nikon’s promotion video (watch it below) look impressive, we’re sure our dog-ographers would just be snapping close-ups of grass, dog poo and other fun things they encounter at the park.

‘Heartography’, as the technique is called, utilises a special camera case strapped to the dog’s neck or chest that transmits data by Bluetooth to the camera.

Unfortunately the camera is still in the prototype phase and there is no word yet on when it will be available for any dog to start using.

There is no word yet on canine selfie sticks.

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