Life Tech Why you should wait to buy an Apple Watch

Why you should wait to buy an Apple Watch

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Tech lovers eagerly anticipating having their very own Apple Watch may be better off waiting for the second-generation model.

Tests of the first-generation model, to be released on Friday, have exposed major flaws such as short battery life, according to comparison site

A survey of tech experts offers mixed reviews of the Apple Watch, with complaints including the watch missing its own internet connection and not being waterproof.

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“While the first-generation Apple Watch is a very exciting piece of wearable technology, there are clearly many key features missing from the watch,” says Michelle Hutchison of

“If you’re going to spend between $499 and $24,000 on the first edition, you might end up being disappointed with its functionality in 11 months’ time.”

Experts said they expected the second-generation model to have better GPS, a slimmer interface, a waterproof version, improved battery life and the ability to work independently from the iPhone.Digital Life Review Smartwatches

The second model is also expected to include Apple Pay, which will allow users to make contactless transactions with their watch, like they do with bank cards using payWave.

Flyosity photo app creator Mike Rundle said he was anticipating a “thinner and faster device with a brighter screen”.

Tech magazine publisher Old Mate Media editor-in-chief Chris Stead said he was expecting better battery life “as a given”.

“We can also expect more user interface/control options, and greater access to those options for developers,” Mr Stead said.

With watches receiving lots of bumps and knocks during everyday life, contributing editor Mike Bantick said he wanted to see a sport version, as well as a possible headphone option.

apple-watch-piracyMs Hutchison said there was little doubt the new piece of technology would forever change our lives, just like the original iPhone did in 2007.

“From turning on our TV to pre-empting a heart attack, to the way we access information and how we pay for things, it has the potential to make our lives more convenient and even more productive,” she said.

So when will this improved model be released?

After extensive research of Apple’s historical release dates, Finder says the second Apple Watch is likely to be released in March 2016 – 11 months away.

Looking at the release date of previous iPods, iPhones and iPads, the site said it was “betting” the next-generation Apple Watch would be released on March 18, 2016, with new features for the current model available in September.

The true test now will be whether or not consumers can wait almost a year to get their hands (and wrists) on the amazing – albeit slightly flawed – piece of technology catapulting us into the future.

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