Life Tech NASA astronauts take GoPro on spacewalk

NASA astronauts take GoPro on spacewalk

GoPro space
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NASA astronauts have captured mesmerising footage on a GoPro during spacewalks outside the International Space Station.

Two devices were attached to the suits of astronauts Terry Virts and Barry Wilmore as they worked outside the station on equipment used for docking of commercial spacecraft.

And while it might not the same as booking your own ticket on a space flight and stepping out of the safety of the spaceship, this is probably the closest most of us will ever come to actually being in space.

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The video footage shows stunning views of earth from the ISS and also gives viewers a detailed look at the underbelly of the craft which is covered in cables, panels and other equipment.

The cameras which captured the footage work just like the ones you can buy at you local electronics shop.

“This was the first time an astronaut captured HD video of a spacewalk while outside,” a NASA public affairs officer told Time magazine, which also reported that the helmet camera used features much higher resolution than the astronauts’ current helmet-cams.

The GoPro camera has taken the world by storm. With its simplicity and resilience it is now appealing to more than just the likes of surfers, skateboarders and mountain bikers.

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman, 39, reportedly earns $284 million per year – four times as much money as Apple’s Tim Cook. Mr Woodman founded the company in 2004 after thinking of an idea for a high-definition personal camera on a surfing trip


A good view by anyone’s standards.
GoPro space
The film taken by the astronauts is mesmerising. Photo: Twitter


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