Life Tech Is Apple going to build its own electric ‘iCar’?

Is Apple going to build its own electric ‘iCar’?

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Tech giant Apple could expand into the car industry, with reports the company has hired automotive experts to work on an electric vehicle.

According to a report by the Financial Times, Apple designers have spent months meeting with automotive engineers.

Mercedes Benz’s head of research and development has also reportedly joined the team, while industrial designer Marc Newson, who has worked for the likes of Ford, was hired last year.

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Apple has already begun rolling out CarPlay, a dashboard system which allows car users to make calls, use maps and perform other actions on their iPhone.

Ferrari, Mercedes-Benz and Volvo will begin fitting their cars with the technology this year.

Telsa electronic car
Telsa currently dominates the electric car market. Photo: Getty

According to Reuters, the company is focusing on the electric car market.

Apple is reportedly seeking advice on production methods for electric car technology, as well as the potential for automated cars.

Several hundred people are said to be working on the project.

A spokeswoman told Reuters they would not comment on “rumours or speculation”.

There is speculation a car built by Apple would directly compete with rival Google, which is also developing a self-driving car.

The New York Post alleges Apple has built up a roster of engineers, designers and recruiters who have previously worked at electric car manufacturer, Telsa.

Speaking at a technology conference in San Francisco last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook said new technology platforms like CarPlay were the “key” to the company’s future.

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