Life Tech #MyOzObituary: honesty prevails

#MyOzObituary: honesty prevails

#MyOzObituary was trending within hours.
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Following a storm of online criticism about The Australian‘s Colleen McCullough obituary where they referred to the author as “plain of feature, and certainly overweight,” Twitter responded (as it always does) with suggestions of how the newspaper would frame their own obituaries.

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Within hours of The Australian publishing the obituary, the hashtag #myozobituary started trending with people (mainly journalists and authors) tweeting honest appraisals of themselves.

Even American television show host Craig Ferguson joined in with a tweet to his 2.09 million followers:

Some even kindly volunteered to write 140-character obituaries for their peers or those they admired most, such as this one for ABC Radio presenter Mark Colvin’s kidneys.

Surely McCullough would approve of this witty, appropriately wordy send-off?

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