Life Tech Serial podcast: shock at new Adnan alibi

Serial podcast: shock at new Adnan alibi

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A former classmate of Adnan Syed, the contentious star of murder podcast Serial, has released a groundbreaking new affidavit alleging she was with Syed at the time he supposedly committed murder.

The case of Syed, who was charged with the 1999 first-degree murder of his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee, has captivated millions thanks to the successful podcast, which revisited the testimony and events leading up to his conviction.

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In an affidavit provided exclusively to The Blaze, 33-year-old Asia McClain claims she spoke with Syed in the library of Maryland’s Woodlawn High School from 2.30pm to 2.40pm – the precise time the state argued he killed Lee.

McClain, who never gave testimony during the trial, claims the original prosecutor in the case, Kevin Urick, convinced her not to participate in the appeals process.

According to Urick, McClain told him she had only written her original 1999 affidavit to get Syed’s family off her back.

However, speaking to The Blaze, McClain disputes this claim.

“I never told Urick that I recanted my story or affidavit about January 13, 1999,” McClain’s new affidavit states.

“In addition, I did not write the March 1999 letters or the affidavit because of pressure from Syed’s family. I did not write them to please Syed’s family or to get them off my back. What actually happened is that I wrote the affidavit because I wanted to provide the truth about what I remembered.

“My only goal has always been to provide the truth about what I remembered.”

Hae Min Lee
Hae Min Lee

Prior to the 1999 trial, McClain didn’t question the prosecutor’s choice to exclude her from the trial as she believed the evidence against Syed was so strong her story wasn’t needed.

However, following the popularity of the podcast, McClain said she felt obliged to revisit her story and “make it known to the court system”.

Her new affidavit spans three pages and offers intricate detail of the day Lee was murdered, but the key points are as follows:

“I was in the library when school let out around 2:15 p.m. I was waiting for my boyfriend, Derrick Banks, to pick me up. He was running late,” McClain states.

“At around 2:30 p.m., I saw Adnan Syed enter the library. Syed and I had a conversation. We talked about his ex-girlfriend Hae Min Lee and he seemed extremely calm and caring. He explained that he wanted her to be happy and that he had no ill will towards her.

“Eventually my boyfriend arrived to pick me up. He was with his best friend, Jerrod Johnson. We left the library around 2:40. Syed was still at the library when we left.”

This new revelation is massive for Serial fans, who will be aware prosecutors in the trial alleged Lee was dead by 2.36pm on January 13.

McClain’s story would provide Syed, who has maintained his innocence, with an alibi for the murder.

“All I can say is if the state is arguing that he was somewhere murdering her when I know he was somewhere talking to me, logic says that’s impossible,” McClain said.

You can read her full affidavit below:

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