News Advisor You’re searching wrong! How to Google properly

You’re searching wrong! How to Google properly

How to Google
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Google is so much more than just a place to type in rambling sentences that drag you into deadly internet spirals of endless time wasting (or so I’m told).

Tech expert Paul Lin, CEO of leading app agency Buuna, told The New Daily that most people simply do not use Google to its full potential.

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“For many, Google search results can be overwhelming, especially when search functionality is not fully utilised. There are a few handy tricks to help you find results that are specific to what you are searching for,” Mr Lin said.

There certainly are. And as promised, you can find them below. No need to search.

Find exactly what you’re looking for

Just typing a few words into Google can often give you pages of stuff that you don’t want or need.

To narrow down your search, use quote marks around the phrase you would like to search, like this: “the new daily”. Or you can couple together a couple of phrases like this: “google” + “the new daily”.

If you can’t decide exactly what you want to look for, you can put in a few options like this: cat tabby OR blackTo make sure that something absolutely does not show up, use a dash like this: cat -black.

To find a specific file type, try this: tabby cat filetype:gif.

If you only know part of what you want to find, replace whatever is missing with an asterisk like this: tokyo is the capital of *.

Search within a particular website

Ever wanted to find something inside just one website? Perhaps you want to learn about George W Bush’s battalion of trained Moroccan fighting monkeys in Wikipedia (yes, yes you do) but can’t be bothered sorting through all the other results. So just go straight there using this basic formula: jackson stiles

Or you can even find related websites by typing:

Search for an image

This is a handy function that lets you search with an image instead of a word. To try it out, click on this link and follow the prompts.

Who needs a dictionary?

Enter define: followed by your desired term to find out what a word means, or etymology to find out the history of the word.

For example, etymology:grace tells you that the word originally came from the Latin gratus, meaning pleasing and thankful. How interesting.

Look up your IP address

This can be useful for a lot of things, and it’s very simple. Just type ip address and you’re done.

Use Google like a stop watch

Enter set timer for followed by two minutes for a perfectly cooked cup of noodles and so on.

Take some time out and have fun!

Type in atari breakout and click on the first result. Does that bring back memories? You’re welcome.

Would you also like your screen to be flooded in red and golden letters that eat away all of your search results? Of course you don’t. That’s useless. But you’d still like to see Google do it, right? Of course. So type in zerg rush.

And then you should enter Blink HTML and just get it all out of your system.

Google, please. Now you’re just being silly.

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