News Advisor Dothraki language app fit for a Khaleesi

Dothraki language app fit for a Khaleesi

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Game of Thrones fans, rejoice. A new app could mean you can turn off the subtitles and get a clear view of the blood, gore and nudity in the HBO hit series.

Fans will now be able to use their smartphones to learn Dothraki, the language spoken by blonde-haired, dragon-riding Daenerys Targaryen, better to known by her Dothraki title of Khaleesi (Queen).

The Dothraki Companion, launched this week on iTunes for $4.99, is written by linguist David J Peterson, who developed the fictional language for the TV series.

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The app boasts the ability to make you fluent enough to hold a full conversation with any nomadic, war-mongering Dothraki – or diehard fan – you happen across.

The app includes interactive games, over 300 flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and dialogue to get your fantasy language skills up to scratch.

Use the app to speak like Daenerys Targaryen. Source: Supplied

Becoming fluent in the almost 4000 Dothraki words would almost certainly be a lot easier than mastering English, which has over 170,000.

Perhaps the app will keep fans busy while they eagerly await Season 5 of the TV show and the long-overdue publication of author George RR Martin’s final novels in the A Song of Fire and Ice saga on which the series is based.

If you do run into a Dothraki, and aren’t immediately skewered and turned into a war trophy, try this disarming phrase: “M’ath! Hash yer dothrae chek?” (Hi, how are you?).

We can only hope you live to bid them a hearty, “Hajas! Dothras chek” (Goodbye and ride well).

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