Life Tech Social media lands Aussie workers in hot water

Social media lands Aussie workers in hot water

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Have you ever been busted for slagging off your boss on Facebook? How about chucking a sickie and then posting a photo from the cricket on Twitter?

If you’ve been grilled at work for posting something stupid on social media, turns out you’re not alone, with inappropriate social media use a growing hazard for Australian workers and employers alike.

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More than a third of employers have been forced to discipline or caution employees for their activity online, with most cases relating to negative comments about bosses, colleagues or the company they work for.

The new report by law firm Piper Alderman found that three-quarters of employers also had a social media policy but trusted their staff, with only 30 per cent of bosses monitoring social media activity, according to a News Corp report.

Being fired for inappropriate use of sites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram has been found to be a valid ground for dismissal by the Fair Work Commission, with the commissioner saying it’s not like blowing off steam at the pub after work.

Piper Alderman partner Erin McCarthy said social media was a “hot topic” for a number of the law firm’s clients.

“We expected there would be a high proportion of companies with a social media policy but we weren’t necessarily expecting such a high number that had to discipline someone,” Ms McCarthy told News Corp.

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