Life Tech Is the Tesla ‘D’ electric car the future of motoring?

Is the Tesla ‘D’ electric car the future of motoring?

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A tantalising tweet from the boss of electric car giant Tesla Motors sent the tech and motoring worlds into a spin, but Tesla failed to deliver the self-driving car some were predicting from its latest launch.

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In the hyped style favoured by brands such as Apple, Tesla was tight-lipped ahead of the event, with CEO Elon Musk releasing a mysterious tweet last week.

The tweet was retweeted 15,000 times, as online forums wildly speculate about just what ‘something else’ might entail.

Yet today’s announcement was for a faster, all-wheel-drive version of its previous Model S car.


Musk confirmed the ‘D’ stands for ‘dual motor’. The current Model S is a rear-wheel-drive car with one motor while the ‘D’ has two powering both the front and rear wheels.

“This car is nuts. It’s like taking off from a carrier deck,” said Musk.


For more info, check out Tesla online.

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