Life Tech Forget #bendgate, iPhone 6 users are suffering #hairgate

Forget #bendgate, iPhone 6 users are suffering #hairgate

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First came bendgate, now comes hairgate – a new complaint from Apple iPhone 6 users that hairs are becoming trapped between the screen and the handset when making calls, causing painful pulling.

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Tech website Mashable was quick to debunk the claims, vigorously testing the new phone over hirsute faces and glossy heads without a single strand lost in the video below.



But true or not, Twitter is awash with the #hairgate battlecry.



Memes flooded in from around the globe mocking #hairgate.



Shaving giant Gillette saw a chance to cash in on the Apple epidemic.



But other users insisted it was a thing. Really.    



Buzzfeed insisted whole CHUNKS were being ripped out by the mega-hyped smartphone.



Apple itself has wisely made no comment.

What about you – can you debunk or confirm the latest Apple ‘gate’? Let us know in the comments below.

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