Life Tech iPhone 6 Plus review: life with my new (big) bestie

iPhone 6 Plus review: life with my new (big) bestie

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I’ve recently started a new relationship.

At first, things were a little challenging. It’s very different – my new partner dwarfs my exes and is substantially smarter. My life took some readjusting, as did my outlook. We drew some curious stares and even some criticism but, one week on, we’ve managed to make it work.

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The iPhone 5s stacks up against the 6 plus.
The iPhone 5s stacks up against the 6 plus.

I’m speaking, of course, about my new iPhone 6 Plus. While iPhone fever has gripped the nation for the last two weeks, when I got my new big buddy one thing became abundantly clear: while lots of people have the iPhone 6, very few have the 6 Plus.

At least, that can be the only valid explanation for the stares I receive from strangers on public transport and the squeals of shock and awe I elicit from friends whenever I whip my phone out of my bag.

“Is it heavy?” people ask. They also ask, “does it bend?”

To answer that second question, thankfully for me, #Bendgate remains nothing but an entertaining myth.

Of course, that could be due to the fact that I never put it in my pocket because, well, it’s just too darn big.

The 6 Plus possesses a 14-centimetre screen, with 88 per cent more viewing area than the 5s model.

Best and worst

The phone’s best feature is also its worst.

While it’s great for watching YouTube videos, typing messages without your glasses or showing groups of people your travel pictures, it’s also painfully conspicuous.

Whipping your iPhone 6 Plus out on the train is akin to turning on in-flight entertainment. Everyone can see your business.

Forget surreptitiously texting in the cinema, taking subtle photos of your food or editing your selfies in public – your privacy is gone.

For me, the benefits provided by the size are almost worth the loss of subtlety. I can find the phone in my handbag much more easily than my old iPhone 5 and it feels significantly more sturdy and substantial than previous models.

To Plus or not to Plus? The first world dilemma of the year.
To Plus or not to Plus? The first world dilemma of the year.

Wear and tear

A quick “drop on the hard wood floor” test proves that big is better in terms of endurance. While a colleague scratches his new iPhone 6 within days of buying it, my giant version withstands a particularly vigorous ping-pong match, several sleepy fumbles and a rainstorm.

Unfortunately, the relationship isn’t perfect (they never are). Apps randomly decide to quit and the phone occasionally freezes when I need it most i.e. booking a cab on AFL grand final night.

Additionally, while the latest iPhone models are apparently fitted out with an energy-efficient A8 chip to increase battery life, I don’t find any major improvements in longevity.

I’m still glued to my charger 80 per cent of the time, possibly thanks to my fervent app-switching and many Instagram accounts, but I’m also glued to the phone’s camera, which is impeccable.

It’s the little things

My new icebreaker at social events is now to pull out the phone and ask to film people in slow motion. I also enjoy placing the phone on shelving or chairs and taking a time-lapse video of my office or kitchen.

When I dine out at a dark, candlelit restaurant I’m able to capture all eight of my courses with perfect clarity thanks the phone’s fast focusing ability and image stabilisation functions. It’s the little things.

This new addition to my life has also prompted me to get healthy, counting my steps without even asking me. I must admit, I haven’t utilised the full scope of the Health app and I’m not sure I will. I don’t like mixing workouts with pleasure.

Needless to say, it’s been a big week for me. I don’t know if this relationship will be long-term. Someone faster, smarter and slimmer might come along and charm me. But, for the time being, I’m having a hell of a lot of fun.

The iPhone 6 Plus retails for $999 and up. 

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