Life Tech More leaked photos of Apple’s iPhone 6 hit web

More leaked photos of Apple’s iPhone 6 hit web

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The latest leaked photo claiming to be of the iPhone 6 has been revealed online, bearing a striking resemblance to the original iPhone released by Steve Jobs in 2007.

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The photo, posted on Instagram by Russian luxury phone retail chain Feld & Volk, shows a slimmer iPhone with rounded edges and a metal casing.

The image is the latest in a long line of alleged photos of the unreleased iPhone 6, with many photos online suggesting that the smartphone may be released in two sizes.

Celebrity gossip website TMZ also claimed to have obtained pictures of the highly-anticipated phone. 

“We’re told the phone was smuggled out of a Foxconn factory in China … where the majority of iPhone models are manufactured,” it read on the site.  



According to a News Limited report, analysts predict that Apple could sell 10 million smartphones in the first weekend that the iPhone 6 is released, expected to be some time in September.

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