Life Tech Tech-rejects: Australians crave simple life

Tech-rejects: Australians crave simple life

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Most Australians are glued to computer screens and can’t imagine life without the internet, but crave a slower, simpler existence.

That’s according to a new study, described as the largest of its kind, which quizzed 16,000 people from 20 countries on their attitudes to “megatrends” in areas such as technology, privacy, health and globalisation.

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Six in 10 respondents to the Ipsos Global Trends study agreed with the statement: “I am constantly looking at screens these days”.

Nearly seven in 10 said they “cannot imagine life without the internet”.

Australians were particularly glued to their gadgets, with seven in ten concurring with the statement – the third highest number globally.

Meanwhile, six in ten agreed that technology will be crucial to solving future problems and nearly seven in 10 said they “cannot imagine life without the internet”.

Yet the report also revealed a public overwhelmed with technology, information and choice.

About 55 per cent of Australians said they longed for a simpler life, with 67 per cent believing people were happier “in the old days when they had fewer problems to cope with”.

Relative to the rest of the world, however, Australians are a contented bunch, with 69 per cent saying they’re happy with life – above the 63 per cent global average.

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