Life Tech Google see ads on everything – even the fridge

Google see ads on everything – even the fridge

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Google is currently the king of ads on the internet and on mobile phones, too.

But according to a regulatory filing, the ad giant sees its money-spinning promotions appearing on a vast array of consumer devices – from refrigerators to thermostats, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Google filed the information in an explanation to the Securities and Exchange Commission about why it does not currently break out its advertising revenues from mobile devices.

“Our expectation is that users will be using our services and viewing our ads on an increasingly wide diversity of devices in the future,” the company said in the filing, listing “refrigerators, car dashboards, thermostats, glasses, and watches, to name just a few possibilities”.

Google is already acting to expand its territory in line with the filing – forming alliances with car makers like Audi and General Motors and buying smart thermostat maker Nest Labs for $US3.2 billion ($A3.46 billion) in January.