Life Tech Smartwatches that will change your life

Smartwatches that will change your life

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From health trackers and lightweight HD video recording gadgets, to projected heads-up displays (HUD) and even ‘smart’ tattoos, soon you’ll be wearing more tech than you carry in your bag or pockets.

Smartwatches currently lead this charge, with the latest devices ticking more than just technological boxes; they’re also stylish and aesthetically pleasing, so you need no longer look like an extra from an 80’s B-grade sci-fi.

Feeding varying amounts of information and alerts from your smartphone, directly to your wrist, consider your new smartwatch an extension of convenience with a minimal amount of fuss.

Here are a few designs that we here at The New Daily really dig.

Pebble Steel

Pebbel-SteelOne for those who like a sexy piece of steel on their wrist, the Pebble Steel brings style as well as function to the smartwatch arena. Crafted from solid steel and sporting a Gorilla Glass face, the Steel is durable and functional.

Sync wirelessly with your smartphone to get SMS, call and email alerts, or fire up one of many lifestyle apps to get on-screen directions from Google Maps, route data from GPS fitness trackers, or just read the time and date. It’s a versatile smart watch in an eye-candy shell.

You can also download apps from both the iOS app store and Google Play, meaning there’s no penalty for devoting yourself to a particular OS.

Moto 360

Moto-360Motorola has always been a tech-powered trend setter (how much did the world love their V series mobile phones?!), and the Moto 360 proves the company still has what it takes to turn heads.

Powered by Google’s new smartwatch OS, Android Wear, the Moto 360 is a simple looking watch packing a lot under the hood. Tethered to your smartphone, it displays all manner of alerts and yada yada yada … let’s cut to the chase. This smartwatch can be controlled by VOICE COMMANDS. We hope you were sitting down when you read that.

Apart from the innovative voice control, the colour watch face is quite enticing, even mesmerising – it’s easy to stare unblinking at it until your next alert comes in – as to is the full-info display of various alerts that can be sent to the high-tech timepiece; a text message will yield the photo and full message of the sender. It’s set to drop this US summer, so July. Very nice, Motorola.

Sorry, Apple fans. This one is for Android users only.

Razer Nabu Smartband

Razer-Nabu-SmartbandLooking like a gadget from Tony Stark’s laboratory, the Razer Nabu Smartband is a low-key mobile phone link for those after minimal engagement with their wearables.

Equal parts health stat tracker and smartwatch, the Razer Nabu displays basic smartphone information; from text and call alerts, to basic social media updates. It’s clean and simple, aimed at those who prefer to pick up and engage with their phone, but still want the convenience of never missing a call or text.

As a health tracker, expect all the usual data to be logged and fed to your smartphone or tablet: Location, steps, sleep patterns, you name it.

For iOS and Android.

Sony Smartwatch 2 SW2

Sony-SW2We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Sony’s Smartwatch SW2 is the bomb. With features surpassing the more expensive, Samsung Galaxy Gear, the SW2 combines flexibility and user-friendly features to swiftly earn itself a place at the top of the food chain.

All smartphone alerts are piped straight to your timepiece, with a single touch allowing you to read emails and messages in full. Scroll through recent calls and select a number to place a call, or fire up a game and pass some time on public transport; it’s all very intuitive and simple.

There are also a number of fitness apps tailored specifically for the SW2, so health conscious folks can enjoy all the various guises of this stylish smartwatch.

For Android only.

Martian Passport

Martian-PassportThe James Bond of smartwatches, the Martian Passport is one hell of a stylish gadget. Seriously, this watch looks like it could check in at a hotel in Monte Carlo and none of the staff would bat an eyelid.

But when it comes to features, voice control is the name of the game. All the usual alerts are sent through to the Passport, with voice control taking over after that. You can even take calls via your watch, just like a wristwatch spy phone from the movies!

Apple users will be happy to note that voice support also extends to Siri, so you can now live out all your Her (Joaquin Phoenix, 2013) fantasies with wild abandon.

Available for both iOS and Android.

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