Life Tech PC game tops $44 million in crowdfunding

PC game tops $44 million in crowdfunding

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The title of most successful crowdfunding project in history goes to the nerds with a lavish space simulation video game.

The PC game Star Citizen has smashed the world record for crowdfunding.

The space simulator’s current tally of $44.3 million and rising makes it the most successful crowdfunded project ever, easily dwarfing its closest rivals – the Ubuntu Edge smartphone ($14.3 million) and the Pebble smart watch ($11.39 million). 

The PC game, still under development by Cloud Imperium Games, is currently the 20th most expensive video game ever made, and is the first big budget game to be funded entirely by its players.

The crowd funding campaign for Star Citizen began in September 2012 with an initial target of US$2 million (AU$2.23 million), which it achieved in its first 55 days.

“We’ve done so well. We’ve surpassed all our expectations,” said founder of Cloud Imperium Games Chris Roberts in a promotional video.

Mr Roberts said crowdfunding was the best option for a video game because “at that point we don’t have any publisher in the way [who has] their own agenda”.

“I think everyone on the receiving side, when they get the final game, will be happier because it will be a much purer experience. It will be un-compromised.”

See the crowdfunding video here.

Cloud Imperium Games
An ‘Idris Corvette’ spacecraft from Star Citizen. Photo: Cloud Imperium Games

The game is set in a vast Star Wars-like universe, where players can compete against each other across a giant galaxy, or play alone in campaign mode, with interstellar dogfights and intergalactic trade the main draw cards.

The game will even support Oculus Rift – a type of virtual reality headset currently under development that will enable true 3D gaming.

Those who pledge money to the game’s development are being rewarded with exclusive in-game loot, including upgraded space ships that range in price from $28 up to $251.

This video gives a preview of what kind of spacecraft a pledge could buy you.

There is no concrete release data for the game as yet, given that the crowdfunding project is ongoing.

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