Life Tech MSN messenger: The end of an era

MSN messenger: The end of an era

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We are gathered here today to mourn the passing of a companion who introduced most of us to the glory of the internet and the marvels of instant messaging; Windows Live Messenger, or to its close friends, MSN Messenger, or simply ‘MSN’.

Born in 1999, MSN was one of the last millennium’s true children. Starting life as a humble text messaging service, MSN, grew to become known across the globe as not just a tool for communication, but as a friend. We were there when MSN was born; watched it grow up and change its appearance a number of times – whether we liked it or not – and are now bidding it farewell.  


Like any young person, MSN had its rebellious phases, when it refused to work at all. But these moments of ‘downtime’ were few and far between. It was our constant companion and confidante; a lover and a fighter. It kept us together in moments of crisis, witnessed its fair share of romantic misunderstandings, and gave life to the occasional dangerous liaison in the office. Thank you, MSN, for not sharing your secrets… unless we accidentally used a group message to send a private thought. Mea culpa.

Say goodbye to this screen for good.
Say goodbye to this screen for good.

While we may be the first to admit our eye was caught a number of times by other messenger services, we always came home to you, MSN. Nothing could replace your gorgeous smilies or your nudges. Yes, we had some good times. Oh, how we’d LOL. Sometimes we’d LOL so hard, we’d ROFL. It’s hard to think of using any other service after we’ve been through so much together.

But life catches up on us all. Some say MSN was taken before its time. Others think it was obsolete many years ago, a relic of a time gone by. But, of course, for true believers this is not the end. For you live on, MSN, in the afterlife… otherwise known as Skype.

MSN Messenger: 1999-2013

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