Life Tech Get smart: 20 must-have gadgets for Christmas

Get smart: 20 must-have gadgets for Christmas

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Kindle Fire HDX
Amazon continues its assault on the tablet market with the Kindle Fire HDX. A dedicated Amazon content-driven 7” tablet, the screen and processor of this device are the most impressive in the series yet. Catching up on Breaking Bad episodes as you relax on the toilet has never been so enjoyable.














Sony Smartwatch 2
More than just a glorified Bluetooth connection to your Android phone, Sony’s Smartwatch 2 instantly brings emails, texts, calls, music and more, all to the ready with the touch of a fingertip. Pair with a Bluetooth headset and you’ll be the envy of the top-down, motoring down the highway set.














Garmin Approach S4
The Garmin Approach S4 is the ultimate golfing accessory. Preloaded with more than 30,000 international golf courses, just fire it up and get GPS data on greens, as well as emails, texts and call info from your smartphone. For those with a penchant for James Bond gadgets and plaid pants.














GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition
With an increased field of view and 4K video recording, the GoPro HERO3+ Black Edition is the most powerful way to record sporting accomplishments (and goofs) yet. Smaller and lighter than any other GoPro, this impressive mini camera is Wi-Fi enabled and takes 12MP photos 30 frames per second.














Sony α7R (Alpha 7R)
Taking a tilt at the big boys of the DSLR market, Sony’s α7R is a full-frame, interchangeable lens camera that will leave you breathless. With a 36.3-megapixel sensor, Wi-Fi smartphone connection, 1080p/i HD video recording, and an OLED viewfinder, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’d travelled into the future.














Toshiba Encore
An 8” tablet that won’t burn a hole in your pants, the Toshiba Encore is everything a Windows-powered tablet should be. With optimised video and audio hardware – like a mini-HDMI output and sound-optimising dual microphones – it’s ideal for those who travel a lot, or want a portable solution for home media management.














Google Nexus 7 (2013)
Currently hailed as the top of its class, the Nexus 7 from Google is as powerful as it is cheap. The 2013 update of the Nexus 7 packs a sharp 7” screen, making it perfect for gaming or watching HD videos on the go. You’ll be the envy of your next long-haul flight!














iPad Mini with Retina
Satisfying their legion of frenzied followers, Apple has rejuvenated the iPad Mini with a Retina display and powerful A7 processor. This future-proof piece of eye candy runs iOS7, and is as functional as it is sexy. In the crowded market of tablet computers, none is more seductive than the iPad Mini.  














Adidas miCoach SMART RUN

A new addition to their miCoach training system, Adidas’ miCoach SMART RUN watch is the quintessential running companion. Music control and GPS course tracking are par for, well, the course these days, but the SMART RUN also reads your pulse rate from the wrist, giving you coaching advice as you go. Now that is smart.














Withings Pulse
“What do you bench?” used to be the most uttered question around the gym. These days, it’s been replaced by, “How do you track your stats?” Withings new Pulse is a smart tracker that stays with you 24/7; monitoring and compiling every stat needed to help you better live your life. You won’t find many better than this.














ōlloclip 4-IN-1
iPhonographers are squealing in joy now the ōlloclip 4-IN-1 has arrived. Whether you need a close-up of a droplet of water, or an ultra-wide shot of a skate ramp, handle any photographic situation with ease as you choose between four distinct lenses: Fisheye, Wide-Angle, 10x Macro and 15x Macro.














Sennheiser Momentum Headphones
Slip on a pair of Sennheiser Momentum headphones and you’re in for an otherworldly audio experience. Every aspect accentuates the classic over-ear headphone look; leather ear cups, metal-braced headband; both superbly detailed and matched only by the audio quality. These are seriously sexy headphones for serious audiophiles.














Google Chromecast
Always ones to deliver a product before you knew you needed it, Google’s Chromecast is a simple piece of genius. Controlled directly from your smartphone, tablet or laptop, just plug the dongle into your HD TV, and stream online content directly from YouTube, Google Play, Netflix and more, with ease.














PlayStation 4
No longer the realm of pasty teens out for an all-night gaming session, the PlayStation 4 delivers the ultimate experience in HD gaming and cinema. A new touchpad controller, connectivity with the PS Vita and tablet computers, and a greater focus on social gaming – via the new SHARE function – make this the most innovative PlayStation yet.














Got a yacht that needs a new cinema screen? Then look no further than Sony’s 65” BRAVIA 4K Ultra HD TV. While 4K media may be taking its sweet time to saturate the market, the hardware to display it is booming, with this 3D LED LCD TV currently leading the pack in both features and price.














Fujifilm X100s
For hipsters seeking the aesthetic appeal of a Leica camera sans the hefty price tag, the Fujifilm X100s is a beautiful piece of hardware. The X100s’ 23mm lens is sharp and fast, making it equally suited to casual street photography or formal family photos. The leather case will have your father reminiscing for hours.














Samsung Game Pad
Built for the Galaxy S4 smartphone, the Game Pad is a retro gamers wet dream. Connecting via Bluetooth, experience that 1080p display like it was meant to be as you mash buttons, flick control sticks and thumb the D-pad in ecstasy. It’s gaming as it was meant to be.














Recon Jet
Looking more like a prop from the film Robocop, Recon Jet is the bad boy of wearable computing. Track your position, distance travelled and even plot your route via GPS, then get live weather forecasts, phone calls and texts to ensure you’re clear of the rain and social faux pas.














Mophie Juice Pack Plus
Are you sick of your iPhone 5 running out of power in the middle of the day? Luckily the solution is here with the Mophie Juice Pack Plus. A portable charger and protective case in one; throw this on your iPhone and forget about charging for the weekend.














Sonos Playbar
While we could all do with a little more volume from our TV, not everyone is keen enough to set up a surround sound system. Enter the Sonos Playbar. An easy to connect, wireless solution, the Playbar boosts your TV’s sound with nine speakers worth of rich tone and deep bass.


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