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Chefs you need to follow on Twitter

Attica's Ben Shewry.
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Luckily Twitter plates up the chefs thoughts, opinions and, of course, mouth watering food photos with a direct connection. Melissa Mack chooses 20 of the best chefs to follow on Twitter.

1. Ben Shewry – @benshewry

Attica chef Ben Shewry is at the helm of one of Australia’s hottest restaurants, but his Twitter account shows a man more interested in his garden and family than fame. Oh, and he really does love his food.

2. Duncan Welgemoed – @GastroPunKoz  Dom is stylish, art filled and quirky. The same could also be said of its outspoken chef Duncan Welgemoed, who has a penchant for bugs in his cooking. His Twitter account will give you a run of entertaining foodie diatribe and an insight into his mind – if you want to go there.

 3. Matt Wilkinson – @wilkinson_Matt   Matt Wilkinson is the co-owner of Pope Joan, Hams & Bacon & Spud bar and an author. On Twitter he’s a little crass, quite funny and very passionate about his produce. Check it out.

5. Stephanie Alexander @GrowCookEat Stephanie Alexander tweets most often about her adventures and her food. Her account is a lovely window into her life.

6. Karen Martini – @Karen_Martini

The chef of Mr. Wolf shares relaxed recipes, healthy produce and mouth-watering food pics.

7. Guy Grossi @GuyGrossi

Guy Grossi is a pretty recognisable face in the food world, so his Twitter account is a chance to get to know the man. He is passionate about coffee, vegetables, oh, and Melbourne. He loves Melbourne a lot.

8. Martin Benn – @MartinBenn   The chef from Sepia in Sydney had us following on first sight of this frozen strawberry shell with champagne cream. Yum.

9. Dan Hong – @Dan_Hong Described as a darling of the Sydney food scene, the Mr Wong, Ms G’s and El Loco chef’s own words are certainly not sugar-coated but there are the occasional pearl’s of wisdom.

10. Jock Zonfrillo – @Zonfrillo

Jock Zonfrillo is a forager who searches through Adelaide’s hills for mushrooms, bugs and other goodies and is about to open two restaurants. Following his account is also a little like hanging out in the kitchen chatting with a group of chefs.

11. Adam Liston – @AdamListon2

From Adelaide, now in Melbourne with a stopover in Singapore, Adam Liston certainly looks the part of a world class rock star chef. The Borrowed Space co-founder thoughts on Twitter are definitely his own, and he doesn’t hold back.

12. Dan Hunter – @ChefDanHunter Dan Hunter is about to open Brae Restaurant this summer. He’s friendly, forages and has a quirky sense of humour too.

 13. Chloe Proud – @ethoseatdrink Chloe and Iain Proud own Hobart’s quirky Ethos Eat Drink and it’s little brother Schwartz Sandwiches. Follow for a lively account of food, sauce making and single origin chocolate shakes.

14. Colin Fassnidge @FourinHand  

Aside from being the Four in Hand and Four Fourteen chef, Colin Fassnidge is best known for his controversial Twitter with Tracey Grimshaw for which he had to apologise. His account is less controversial, but still exciting and definitely not one for vegetarians.

15. Kym Machin – @KymMachin

Brisbane’s Kym Mackin has ditched the high-end restaurants of the CBD to start a casual dining bistro in the western suburb of Jindalee – the Bare Bones Society. Relaxed chefs really do exist.

16. Alice Zaslavsky – @AliceinFrames   A Masterchef 2012 graduate, Alice Zaslavsky is Channel Go!’s Kitchen Whiz host and a former school teacher. As highly entertaining proof of her teaching roots you’ll learn a lot about food and waste from her account.

17. Adam Liaw – @AdamLiaw Another Masterchef alumni, now travelling Japan as part of SBS’s Destination Flavour – be prepared for serious travel/life envy and strong desire to buy a plane ticket direct to Tokyo’s best restaurants.

18. Simon Bryant – @SimonBryantChef  

Simon Bryant has many pots on the boil, as well as being Tasting Australia’s director, and a chef, he’s got a food truck and is so serious about local produce and reducing waste he’s started a dirt(y) website to promote it. Plus he has a wry, self-depreciating sense of humour.

19. Kylie Kwong – @kwongkylie

Kylie Kwong likes to cook with bees, not just honey, the actual bug. She also creates a lot of delicious dishes like the one below.

19. Marion Grasby – @Marionskitchen  

As warm and friendly online as she is in her kitchen Marion Grasby talks food, recipe testing and chats to the people using her Marion’s Kitchen products.

20. Paul Wilson – @ChefMrWilson

Oh to be a restaurant consultant. For the majority of us, following Mr Wilson, one of Melbourne’s best-known chefs and culinary director to Sydney’s Icebergs, on Twitter might be as close as we get.


Tell us the food fanatics you follow in the comments below.

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