Life Science Environment Nationals take another crack at figuring out where they stand on net zero

Nationals take another crack at figuring out where they stand on net zero

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Will Scott Morrison have a pat with the Nationals when he leaves for Glasgow? It's still up in the air. Photo: TND
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As Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s departure for the Glasgow climate summit draws ever closer, the Nationals seem no closer to an agreement on a net zero emissions target by 2050.

Members of the Coalition’s junior partner hunkered down in the party room on Sunday after to discuss Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to the party’s demands.

“Just over a week ago we got a look at the technology road map and our party room has worked pragmatically, respectfully as we possible could,  and we will hopefully get to a resolution one way or another today,” Deputy Nationals Leader David Littleproud told Sky News’ Sunday Agenda program.

But Mr Littleproud declined to disclose what was in the Nationals‘ list of demands to secure a deal.

However, News Corp newspapers say the demands include changes to federal legislation that would open the way to explore nuclear power in Australia, overturning a longstanding ban.

“Nuclear is something the Nationals party obviously stands firmly behind as a party room but we understand you have got to educate before you legislate,” Mr Littleproud said.

“The electorate isn’t necessarily there with us at the moment. We have to be pragmatic about that. You have still got to win elections.”

Liberal frontbencher Alan Tudge dismissed the suggestion the government’s junior partner is deciding policy.

“They quite rightly have their own party room. They can debate these issues. We have given them the reassurance that the plan here does not do anything to accelerate the destruction of any industry,” Mr Tudge told Sky News.

“We want those industries to be maintained but customers abroad are changing their views and we have got to adapt to those customers.”

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