Life Science Environment Eagle vs drone – no surprises who wins

Eagle vs drone – no surprises who wins

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An eagle has had the last laugh when it comes the battle for our skies, taking out a drone that was mid-flight filming.

The drone was never recovered, but thanks to cloud technology (cheers, Andy Jassy) we know exactly what happened.

One minute, the drone is peacefully capturing some vision of the shoreline (how original) when bam! The vision is rescued from the doldrums when the drone is hijacked by an eagle.

It’s a shaky start, we catch a few glimpses of a tail feather (any twitchers out there able to ID this bird?) and then the drone no longer belongs to its owner – the eagle is its master now.

One of the final scenes we see is the eerie image of the bird’s shadow cast in the sand.

Take a look for yourself.

The eagle likely took the drone, which it probably thought was a tasty morsel, back to its nest. Where it was no doubt a disappointing dinner.

And just for fun, here’s a GoPro video – taken from a pelican’s point of view.