Life Relationships Can’t land a date? It might be your criminal record – or just your bad breath

Can’t land a date? It might be your criminal record – or just your bad breath

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Are you struggling to lock down a lover? A new study has pinpointed where you might be going wrong.

New research shows that 36 per cent of Australians listed having a criminal record as the most unattractive trait in a potential partner.

Twenty six per cent of respondents said being a smoker was the most unappealing feature, while 23 per cent said having bad breath was worst, so make sure you’re brushing for at least two minutes.

Men (32 per cent) were more likely than women (20 per cent) to list smoking as a turnoff.

If you’ve nailed the oral hygiene but haven’t invested in a good skincare regime, make that your next priority, because 7 per cent of respondents listed bad skin as a deal breaker.

Dandruff, however, was only a listed by 3 per cent of respondents as the most unattractive trait.

The research, conducted by independent agency, Shosha Australia, also paints a grim picture for those of us who indulged in bad habits in 2020 and were hoping they wouldn’t follow us out of lockdown.

It turns out your nervous nail-biting, comfort eating and workaholism might be here to stay.

Four in 10 Australians think a criminal record is the biggest turnoff. Photo: Getty 

Of the 1000 respondents, 29 per cent indicated they had a desire to change their penchant for overeating (hello, COVID-19kg).

Smoking, which was the second most unattractive quality in others, turned out to be a vice that 24 per cent of respondents wanted to quit themselves.

Psychologist Sara Chatwin said the smell and the idea of addiction were most likely turnoffs for Australians.

“The odour of smoke hangs around on skin and clothing and that’s pretty unattractive,” she said.

“I think the smell has a lot to do with it too. People are reluctant to want to kiss a smoker as they may not enjoy the taste. Similarly, addiction or dependence is not attractive for many people.”

Fifteen per cent said they wanted to work on cutting down their alcohol consumption, and 12 per cent said they wanted to even out their unhealthy work-life balance.

A bold 30 per cent said they have no habits they wanted to break.