Life Relationships This woman kept every flower her husband gave her – for 27 years

This woman kept every flower her husband gave her – for 27 years

pressed flowers
The flowers might be far from fresh, but the tale of Rosalina and Robert says love is far from stale. Photo: Twitter
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A 21-year-old Texan woman has discovered her mother kept and press-dried every flower her father gave her since they began dating, proving that love is far from dead.

Rocio Andujo discovered her mother, Rosalina, kept every bloom her dad, Robert, gave her, right from the very first bunch of roses.

Rosalina secretly kept them pressed in a book, and kept it so hidden to the point that not even Robert knew she was documenting their 27-year relationship.

It took her daughter to make the discovery.

“No one knew my mom had kept those flowers. She also still has the first bouquet of roses he gave her,” Rocio told Buzzfeed.

And her father’s reaction? “He was so shocked and happy,” Rocio said.

While this is heartwarming in itself, after Rocio posted the love story on social media, it turns out it’s not an uncommon thing for people to do.

It’s not just reserved to couples – people have preserved flowers from friends and relatives, too.

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