Life Relationships Monopoly opens helpline to resolve family arguments

Monopoly opens helpline to resolve family arguments

The innocent game that tears families apart.
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It’s the marathon board game that has launched countless family disagreements, but now the makers of Monopoly believe they have the answer.

The brains behind the classic real estate game have introduced a hotline to field calls from frustrated families who decide to bravely take the plunge over Christmas.

The idea arose after a survey of 2000 Monopoly players revealed over half had experienced game-ending feuds.

Most fights were caused by cheaters who “made the rules up as they went along”, according to British paper The Sun.

Other common problems included smug winners, and those who purposefully bought properties just to grind their family members’ gears.

Hasbro, the company behind the game, announced the hotline would run from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day.

Phone operators will be on call to comb through rule books and answer the most technical of Monopoly questions.

Those who call in will have the opportunity to donate to the Children’s Helpline – putting our Christmas-time tensions into perspective.

The hotline will only be available in the UK and Ireland.

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