Life Relationships Aussies named in Ashley Madison hack fallout

Aussies named in Ashley Madison hack fallout

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Website services are popping up all over the internet allowing users to see if their details have been released in the Ashley Madison stolen data dump scandal.

In July, the dating website – which facilitates infidelity – was hit by hackers who claimed they obtained the personal details of more than 37 million members on its database.

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At the time, the hackers calling themselves “Impact Team”, said they’d release the data if the website wasn’t shut down.

It hasn’t been and on Tuesday the leak began.

According to the Washington Post, Ashley Madison is working hard to shut down the various websites allowing the public to access the data.

The more than 10GB data leak was offered for download via torrenting websites. It included names, email addresses and intimate sexual details.

However the report linked at least three different websites which let people see if they were included on the list, but not download the data.


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