Life Relationships Dad instincts: father’s incredible reflexes save baby

Dad instincts: father’s incredible reflexes save baby

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Apparently being a Dad gives you superpowers.

A gif doing the rounds on social media shows a father springing to life as his young daughter falls head first off the couch.

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The gif, taken on home security camera footage, captures the father, who appears to be sleeping or watching TV, catching his daughter mid-fall as she takes a tumble off the couch next to him.

The gif has received thousands of comments after it was shared on Reddit with the caption “Dad Instincts”.

Many other fathers have weighed in with their parenting experiences, many sharing their frustration at how “babies suck at staying alive”.

“New dad here,” one comment reads. “Struggling to understand why I can leave my pug (one of the stupidest of all dogs) at home alone all day and he will manage not to kill himself, but if I leave my daughter unattended on the floor for a few minutes, she will try to eat something that makes her choke or find a way to sustain a serious head injury.”

One commenter bemoans erratic baby movements, writing: “Seriously, holding my son today and he jerks backwards violently, almost snapping his own little spine in half. Why, baby? Why?”

“They’re like blind incredible hulks,” another concurs. “Just tiny balls of anger and hate and poop.”

There are several other “dad instinct” gifs also shared in the thread, including the following:

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