Life Relationships Office romance leads to marriage

Office romance leads to marriage

Office romance
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If you’re looking for love this Valentine’s Day, you may need to search no further than the workplace, as a quarter of office romances lead to marriage, according to a survey of UK workers.

The Institute of Leadership & Management’s (ILM) study of 1000 people found romance in the workplace was becoming less of a taboo, with 40 per cent admitting to having an office relationship.

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The office also appeared to be a great place to find lasting love, with 37 per cent of romances leading to long-term relationships and marriage.

ILM chief executive Charles Elvin said workplace romances were “inevitable” and “not as destructive on careers as people may fear”.

“Employers may want to think twice before vetoing love at work, or they risk forcing staff to hide their relationships, creating a culture of secrecy and deceit.”

Despite the widespread instances of office romances, one in three still erred on the side of caution and kept their relationship a secret.

Most people dated their peers, with 70 per cent of relationships occurring between colleagues on the same level, while nearly one in 10 have had a fling with their boss.

Romances didn’t just start at the annual Christmas party either, with 36 per cent of relationships beginning in the office itself.

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