Life Relationships Weird and wonderful last-minute gifts

Weird and wonderful last-minute gifts

It cannot be confirmed whether this was the alleged assailants wallet. Photo: Getty
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bobblehead christmas gift

Mini me

Immortalise your loved ones as a customised bobblehead. Creators work from a photo to create eerily accurate likenesses. Design them from top-to-toe or put their head on a superhero body, a ripped strongman or maybe a mermaid.

Get it here:

How much: From $80. Orders take two to four weeks.

mars-property-2I’ll give you the moon

For a gift that’s truly out of this world, snap up a piece of intergalactic real estate – say a few acres on the moon, or a chunk of land on Mars?

Twenty years ago US man Dennis M Hope made a land claim for the moon and the eight planets in our solar system and since then has sold more than 12 million extraterrestrial land lots.

Get it here:

How much: One acre lots are $19.99 (US). Recipients receive a deed, planetary map marking their land, a constitution and bill of rights for their planet.

Prince-Michael-helipadYes, my lord

Make them a Knight or Dame of the Sovereign Military Order of Sealand. Sure, the micro-nation located in Britain’s North Sea looks more like a disused oil rig than a luxury principality, but the 22 residents asserted their independence from the UK in 1967 and now have their own royal family, currency and football team.

Get it here:

How much: from $55.

Canned unicorn meat.

Shock a foodie

How about a can of tinned unicorn meat to add a unique flavour to their next picnic? With sparkles in the meat, and crunchy horn pieces in each mouthful. Tastes like chicken, with a hint of marshmallow.

Get it here:

How much: $24.95. The Radiant Farms Unicorn Meat tin actually contains a dismembered soft toy unicorn.

inwf-350cAdvancing age

A blow-up walking frame is a cheeky way to take a gentle dig at an older friend. It won’t support their weight, but it will send an amusing message about their age.

Get it here:

How much: $18.95. 60cm high.

Fart_AttackIt’s a gas

Know someone who finds flatulence hilarious? Brighten their Christmas with a Farting Wallet that breaks loose every time it’s opened. The wallet offers a veritable symphony of gas sounds.

Get it here:

How much: $19.95

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