Life Relationships Humanitarians of Tinder need to get a grip

Humanitarians of Tinder need to get a grip

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Being selfless is one thing. Being modest about your selflessness, however, appears to be something entirely different.

Humanitarians of Tinder, a new page on blogging site Tumblr, is working to expose Tinder users who may be using their past charity efforts as love bait.

Tinder, a dating app featuring mini profiles of single people in your area, is teeming with charitable souls looking to change the world. Or at least their Facebook relationship status.

There are mildly exploitative entries like this one:

tumblr_n2unnxlwUt1ttmx9fo1_1280 Shameless submissions like this one:


And just plain irrelevant entries like this:


Perhaps these people are innocently trying to suggest that they are caring and well-travelled, but it’s having the opposite effect.

Keep your acts of goodwill in your hearts, Tinder users, and not on your camera phone.