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Find a celebrity squeeze on Tinder

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Tinder  , the dating mobile app taking Gen-Y by storm, has now made it easier for celebrity singles to sign up.

Tinder CEO and co-founder Sean Rad has announced the imminent creation of a function which allows celebrities to bypass the Facebook sign up and acquire a tick next to their name which basically assures other users, “No, you’re not dreaming”.

Previously, two things have acted as deterrents for famous users. Firstly, many do not have Facebook or use fake names to protect their privacy, preventing them from signing up. Secondly, most users see a celebrity snapshot and immediately reject them, assuming they’re a fake. Poor Hollywood.

“We’ve had celebrities reach out to us frequently throughout the last year, sort of calling out various frustrations convincing users that they were actually who they are,” Rad told Time Magazine. According to the magazine, the co-founder received his first celebrity complaint in 2012 after the app launched.

“It was awesome because it sort of validated our theories that everyone, even people of influence, need help forming relationships,” Rad said.

See, famous people are lonely too!

We already know that Tinder has gravitational pull for some relatively B-list stars. The athletes village at the Sochi Olympics was a hothouse of mobile flirting, with many young Olympians using it for hook-ups between events.

Lindsay Lohan is also known to frequent the dating app, tweeting about finding her brother on the popular program back in October last year.

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So now that the celebrity online dating world has been thrown open, we’re hoping some A-listers jump on the bandwagon. Here’s our list of the top eligible bachelors and bachelorettes we hope to see on Tinder soon (and how we imagine their profiles to look).

Jared Leto: Although there are a few pesky reports he’s dating Lupita Nyong’o, Leto remains the most eligible (and ageless) Oscar-winner on the market.


Miranda Kerr: Flying solo since her marriage breakdown, Kerr comes as a package deal with her adorable son, Flynn.


Zac Efron: After heading to rehab for a cocaine problem, Efron is back on track and ready to enter the market. Imagine coming across those dreamy blues on your Tinder travels.


Rihanna: We’re never quite sure of Riri’s relationship status, but one thing is certain: Her Tinder profile would be packed with raunchy, revealing photos.


James Franco: As far as we know, the actor has been single for a while now. Perhaps he needs some help on the dating front? Expect lots of sleepy selfies.


Katy Perry: She and John Mayer are no longer an item and we can imagine the colourful popstar being open to new things. Plus, she will be in Australia soon for her tour…