Life Relationships How to nail the marriage proposal

How to nail the marriage proposal

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Step 1

Get your future in-laws on side. If your girlfriend is from a traditional family it may be a good idea to ask for her parents blessing prior to your proposal. Even if they are not very traditional, the gesture would still be greatly appreciated.

Step 2

Choose the right ring. Why not suggest to your girlfriend as a ‘joke’ or ‘just for fun’ to pick out her dream engagement ring in a jewellery store window. If you’d prefer to keep the element of surprise, seek engagement ring advice from your partner’s family and closest girl friends. Or, if you know your love has specific tastes, consider proposing with a stand-in ring, then designing the bling together.

Step 3

Planning is key. Make sure you secure a booking at your ideal venue well in advance. You could make a reservation at her favourite restaurant, book a romantic getaway for two or surprise her with tickets to a show or film.

Step 4

Take a trip down memory lane. A sweet way to make your lady feel special is to take her to the place where you first met or where you went on your first date and reminisce about the fun times you’ve shared together before you pop the question.

Step 4

Spoil her. Shower your love with gifts from the moment she wakes. Start off with Champagne and breakfast in bed. Later in the day send flowers to her work place and give her chocolates when you pick her up. Top the day off with the best gift of all, a marriage proposal over a candlelit dinner.

Step 5

Keep it simple. Some proposal don’ts include: don’t hide the ring in food, don’t put too much pressure on your partner with an over-the-top public proposal, and don’t make it too complex in case something goes wrong, i.e. a cloudy day and sky writing don’t mix.

Step 6

Pop the question. A simple ‘Will you marry me?’ on bended knee is often the best way to go, but if you’re feeling nervous it can be easier to say it in writing. Why not write your proposal in a poem, in a fortune cookie, in sand on the beach, in rose petals on your kitchen table or in icing on her dessert plate.

Once you’ve popped the question, check out Bride Magazine for tips on planning your wedding.