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I do! The top wedding trends of 2013

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As we say goodbye to 2013, Bride Magazine reveals the wedding styles that covered our Pinterest boards and used up all of our sticky notes.

Hipster weddings Wedding_1
















Perfect for creative couples, this ever-growing trend is a wonderful way for Mr and Mrs to show off their unique personalities.

Think unconventional venues in backyards and parks teamed with fun getaway cars such as vans, scooters and bicycles and you have yourself a happy hipster wedding. This trend saw an array of wedding dress styles, from long flowing gowns to short cocktail dresses and quirky shoes and headpieces.

Floral arrangements were bright and cheery, and receptions took on a carnival vibe thanks to photo booths with moustache props and cake pops replacing the traditional wedding cake. As hipster weddings are fun-filled, chilled-out affairs, this is one style we think will keep on trending into the new year.

DIY weddings wedding_1-1













On your big day, all you want to do is put on a show that reflects your journey as a duo. And what better way to showcase your personalities (and save costs) than to add some DIY styling to the mix of wedding planning.

We pored over hundreds of dreamy DIY weddings this year, from small hints of DIY in handmade bomboniere to large-scale affairs, such as bespoke wedding headpieces and even bridal gowns!

Make your wedding day a unique celebration and bust out your arts and crafts skills for a touch of you with a wholesome, hands-on approach.

Colourful weddings Dress_1_Villoni-3-77-1















We’re continuing to see more and more colour on the wedding palette. There’s no doubt the warmer months pop with brighter colours but year-round there’s been a surge in soft pastels and show-stopping reds.

‘Pretty in pink’ will be a forever-popular choice for our brides, but mint green and gold have also made appearances this year. From coloured wedding gowns to bold bowties for men and vibrant bouquets, colour was the new black this year.

Brides opted for brighter bridesmaids’ dresses, and ruby red and burgundy were standouts when it came to non-traditional wedding-dress choices. As the weather starts to warm up around the country, we predict a big splash of colour for early 2014 weddings. 

Vintage weddings Wedding Dress_1-1















Following Baz Lurhmann’s remake of the classic, The Great Gatsby, the influence of the Roaring 20s was seen everywhere this year. We relished the flapper flair of deco-inspired bridal gowns, swooning over drop-waist dresses with opulent beading and embellishments.

Completing the look were gilt-edged accessories, beaded headpieces and vintage Rolls Royce getaway cars. Vintage styling also made its mark on cute country weddings, with antique décor, lawn parties, revamped barnyards and vineyards providing an idyllic setting.

Self-serve lemonade stands and floral arrangements in jars were a bit hit for vintage-inspired events, and with everything old becoming new again, we are sure to see this trend continue for years to come.

Classic weddings Wedding Dress_1















Not so much a trend as an enduring symbol of cultural ties, traditional weddings will always strike a cord with classic couples. From Orthodox to Catholic, Christian to Hindu, there is nothing more beautiful than a traditional wedding.

With the blending of cultures and modern influences, we also expect to see more weddings that are ‘traditional with a twist’, as couples meld their family heritage.

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