Life Home From vacuum cleaners to detergent: Australia’s favourite cleaning products revealed

From vacuum cleaners to detergent: Australia’s favourite cleaning products revealed

Australians spent an average of 17 hours a week on household work prior to the pandemic. Photo: Getty
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Millions of Australians have spent more time at home than ever before over the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic and home cleaning products have been getting a work out.

Now, new research has revealed consumers’ go-to products for 2020, from vacuum cleaners to disinfectant, scourers and sponges.

Big-name brands including Dyson, Woolworths and Aldi were among those that cleaned up in comparison site Finder’s annual retail awards announced this week.

Australians spent an average of 17 hours a week or 876 hours per year on household work before the pandemic, according to Finder analysis of the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia data, with trusty cleaning no doubt making the work easier.

“With Aussies spending more time at home, and making more of a mess while we’re there, the good news is you needn’t clock up more hours cleaning,” Finder retail expert Kate Browne said.

“If you have the right products and know the best cleaning hacks you can clean efficiently, which means more time for the things you love.”

Finder polled more than 3000 Australian consumers on their recent purchases to identify the nation’s most popular cleaning brands across 16 categories.

The results showed that affordability was a big plus for shoppers, with 98 per cent of those polled preferring Aldi’s own-brand fabric softener, and 94 per cent backing Woolworths Essentials as the toilet cleaner of choice.

Finder’s top-rated cleaning brands

All-Purpose Cleaners – Ajax
“Voted the most effective all-purpose spray, Ajax was recommended by 94 per cent of consumers and is the easiest to use.”

Barrel Vacuum Cleaner – Dyson
“Aussies gave Dyson the top score for cleaning performance and storage.’’

Tip: “Put a small scoop of cinnamon into your machine to emit any bad odours while you vacuum.”

Stick Vacuum Cleaner – LG
“Recommended by 97 per cent of consumers, LG has won the best stick vacuum brand. It received the top rating for value-for-money, battery life and cleaning performance.”

Bleach & Disinfectant – Sard
“The easiest bleach of the bunch to use, Sard was the best rated overall by Australians.

Tip: “Have white dishes that are looking worse for wear? Whiten them with bleach – just add a small amount of bleach to your dishwasher and voila!”

Carpet & floor cleaners – Pine O Cleen
“If you’re looking for a carpet or floor cleaner, look no further than Pine O Cleen. It was recommended by 94 per cent of consumers.’’

Tip: “Before you dip your mop into a bucket, use the cleaning solution to also wipe down surfaces like window sills or counters – multitasking works wonders.”

Cloths, scourers & sponges – Scotch-Brite
“Easy to use, durable and high performance, if you’re in the market for cloths, scourers or sponges, then Aussies recommend Scotch-Brite.”

Dishwasher detergents & liquids/tablets – Shine
“Scoring best-rated odour and scent, Shine’s dishwasher detergents and tablets were also top rated for their effectiveness.’’

Tip: “Try cleaning your oven door with dishwashing tablets. Dip a tablet in warm water, scrub your oven door and watch the grease dissolve!”

Fabric softeners – ALDI
“If you want a fabric softener that delivers, then 98 per cent of Aussies recommend ALDI. Best rated for softness of clothes and value-for-money, it’s the clear winner in this category.”

Glass cleaners (liquid) – Windex
“Windex took out the glass cleaner award as the best overall rated brand.

Tip: “Want a shower screen with no watermarks? Spray glass or window cleaner on your shower screen while it’s still wet.”

Laundry detergent (liquid or tablet) – Cold Power
“Cold Power had the highest rating for cleaning performance and was also recognised for its packaging design.’’

Tip: “If you’re using a tablet, consider breaking it in half for smaller loads.”

Oven & cooktop cleaners – Hillmark
“Recommended by 96 per cent of Aussies, the most effective and easiest to use oven and cooktop cleaner was Hillmark, which also rated as having the best smell.”

Air freshener – Ambi Pur
“Ambi Pur is the top-rated brand for air freshener scent and packaging design. It also scored well for effectiveness.”

Air purifier – Dyson
“Dyson air purifiers topped the list for quietness, design and value for money. Recommended by 90 per cent of consumers, Dyson also rated highly for cleaning and maintenance.’’

Tip: “Remember to replace the filter so the air purifier works efficiently.”

Carpet and floor cleaner appliances – Kärcher
“Kärcher topped the list for carpet and floor cleaning features and functions and ease of use.”

Solvent & drain cleaners – Momar (Mo-flo)
“Momar (Mo-flo) took out the award for the best solvent and drain cleaning brand, with top scores for effectiveness and smell.”

Toilet cleaners (cleaning liquid, block) – Woolworths Essentials
“Woolworths Essentials toilet cleaner took out the top spot for every metric, and was recommended by 94 per cent of consumers.”

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