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What to buy – and what not to buy – at the June 30 sales

End of financial year sales
What's on the must-buy list for Australians these June 30 sales? Appliances. Photo: TND
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The end of financial year sales are one of the biggest annual buying times for Australians, according to consumer data – but there’s still the risk shoppers can pick up a dud buy.

Consumer advocacy group Choice has released its hit-and-miss lists for this year’s June 30 sales, compiled from past data and search terms.

The items Australians are most likely to splash on at this time of year are household appliances, Choice spokesman Jonathan Brown said.

“Marketing goes into overdrive in June and while there’s some good deals to be found, but you can also end up stuck with a dud product that’s been collecting dust on shelves,” Mr Brown said in a statement.

“Even on sale, (appliances) are big investments and no one wants to regret a big feature of the living room, kitchen or laundry for years to come.”

These are the items most likely to appear in shoppers’ trolleys (or rather, in delivery trucks) before the end of the month.

Electric heaters

For the best results in electric heaters (not in-built reverse-cycle air-conditioners), place it in a room with a ceiling fan to help keep the warm air low and circulating.

There’s a bunch of different heating styles to consider: Radiant heaters, oil heaters (or column heaters), panel heaters, fan heaters and ceramic fan heaters.

When it comes to what’s going to get you the best bang for your buck – the best result for your house – it all depends.

Typically, oil heaters have the lowest running costs, while fan heaters are the cheapest to buy straight up.

Whatever you do, warns Choice, don’t buy Kmart’s $55 heater.

Washing machines

On the surface, buying a washing machine might look like a pretty straight-forward decisions: Top or front loader?

But there’s more to consider. What sort of space does your washing machine have to fit? And if you’re a renter, or planning on moving house soon, is it a compromised shape that will make it difficult to relocate?

What brand should you buy? There’s no shortage of brands that pack stores, from the well known to the new players that have emerged from Asian and European markets.

Front or top loader? Combo-dryer? There’s a lot to sift through when buying a new washing machine. Photo: Getty

“We tend to recommend front loaders because they perform better and use less water, but there are pros and cons to each type,” Choice laundry expert Ashley Iredale said.

“Convenience comes at a cost. Washer-dryer combos tend to break down more, use more water and leave you waiting longer for dry clothes.”

They don’t come cheap, so make sure you do your research.


Every time you turn around (or turn on the TV) there’s a new kind of technology that promises an even better viewing experience.

Smart TVs that let you stream the common subscription services are commonplace nowadays. What’s new in the field is a smart TV hub, which interacts and talks to your other smart home devices.

Tellies also come in a range of resolutions: From 4K to HD to UHD to SD. Choice explains here how to tell the difference, and choose the best for your viewing preferences.

Whatever you do, the consumer adviser says, don’t buy a Panasonic TH-32E400A, ChiQ U70G8 or Toshiba 55U7750.

Coffee machines

While Kmart can’t help you in the heater department, it seems it is quite adept at meeting your caffeine needs: The super home brand recently beat a $950-odd machine with its $89 offering.

While the ‘mart isn’t likely to be discounting its winning product for the financial year sales, there will still be some bargains lurking. Just figure out if you want a one-hit pod machine, or an espresso maker, do your brand research, and hit the shops.


This is one of the more expensive popular purchases likely to emerge at the end of financial year sales.

If you’re set on what you want – go out and find the best deal.

But there’s a lot to consider in a new oven, so be sure.

Choice has some advice to take on board: Be cautious of some offerings from Omega, Euromaid and DeLonghi.

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