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How to decorate your bedroom for free

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Updating your bedroom can be as simple as getting creative with your photo frame positioning. Photo: Getty
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Yes, you read that right. From propagating backyard plants, to staking out council pick-ups and reusing what you already have, here are 14 freegan ways to make your bedroom look beautiful on a non-existent budget.

1. Re-group accessories in odd numbers

An interesting decorating hack is to group or cluster accessories or any decorative items in odd numbers. So take your photo frames, vases and candles and reorganise them in groups of threes or fives

2. Use colour to revive

If you’re lucky enough to have one, refresh your window seat by throwing on a bunch of colourful pillows. It’ll add instant pizzaz, cheer and help frame your outdoor view beautifully.

3. Make the mirror work harder

Mirrors are versatile decorating tools. And here’s a simple arrangement hack for instant transformation. Instead of hanging the mirror, simply prop it up against the wall, on the floor. This can trick the eye into believing that the ceiling is higher than it is. What’s more, the mirror will help brighten your room and add the illusion of more space.

4. Add a personal touch

Bring out those wonderful photographs with your family and build yourself a pretty picture wall. It’s nostalgic and has tonnes of appeal.

5. Bring out or rearrange the carpet

Consider moving things around a little to give your bedroom a new lease on life. Place a carpet or rug underneath the bed for added allure.

Tip: If you have a smaller rug, you could place it just at the foot of your bed. Take care to ensure that the width of your rug extends beyond the width of your bed.

6. Pile on the pillows

What can possibly feel cosier than pillows on your bed? Pile them up for a look that spells cosy comfort. Use an assortment of patterns and complementary colours to create a mismatched yet cushy display.

7. Use books to make a statement

Try stacking your books for a sculptural statement. Photo: Nest Design Studio

If you fancy a side table, why not stack together all your books? When it’s time to read, all you have to do is pull out a book from the stack. You could also use the book stack to create a gorgeous display for your accessories or plants.

8. Hang the curtains higher

This is a clever decorating trick that will create the illusion of a higher ceiling; move your curtain rods to well above the window frame. When you hang your curtains back on them, let them graze the floor (you may have to re-hem them if they fall a bit short). Now, notice the difference.

9. Bring out the trunks

Old trunks can be re-purposed as vintage-style storage for all your bedlinen. Stack them one above the other for a well-travelled look.

Notice how the painted white trunks double up as an attractive bedside table here.

10. Seashells to decorate

Get creative with seashells you collected at the beach and whip up an interesting display in your bedroom. You could embellish an existing piece of furniture such as a mirror for some coastal appeal.

Alternatively, you could string them together to create a decorative seashell garland or even a wind chime that makes you nostalgic about your time at the beach.

Driftwood can be used as art. Photo: LGB Interiors

Driftwood is yet another one of nature’s treasures that will add tonnes of appeal to your private spaces for free. Think DIY wall displays or wall shelves. If you’re feeling particularly crafty, use driftwood to create a jewellery wall organiser.

11. Paint to transform

It’s amazing what a lick of paint can do for your spaces. If you have some paint left over from a previous project, why not paint that tired, old bed frame for a welcome dose of freshness.

12. Evergreen appeal

Did you know that propagating is a very inexpensive and easy method to grow new plants from your existing set of plants? Now you can transform your bedroom for free with plants propagated from your very own yard. You’ll love that burst of freshness and greenery.

13. Council pick-up time

Keep an eye on local council collection days. You could run into something truly unique that is worth repurposing. Many suburbs or regions also have a ‘pay it forward’ Facebook page where people give away unwanted items for free. If you can’t see one in your area, set one up.

14. Frame the walls

Empty frames on the wall will work well to create an eye-catching display, and this is an idea that works well almost anywhere in your home. Or you could frame tea towels, wrapping paper or even spare pieces of wallpaper – whatever you have lying around that you think will look good. Happy decorating!

By Pia Sinha on Houzz

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