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The coolest pot plants to add to your home

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Indoor plants used to mean daggy, but now there is nothing hotter than a cool terrarium or potted cactus.

Even the macramé hangers have made a come back, but now there are amazingly beautiful blown-glass inserts for them and stunning ceramic jelly mould-like hangers in pastels rocking some of the sexiest penthouses.

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Green walls in the courtyard, savvy succulents in low bowls and Zen-like mosses and flowering orchids complete the look.

But don’t forget the basics.

Hanging terrariums are a space-saving decorating saviour.
Hanging terrariums are a space-saving decorating saviour.

There really is no such thing as an indoor plant, just plants that are suited to shade more than others. Most will need a spell outside every now and again, or at the very least a proper wipe down to remove the dust from their leaves.

Misting will help overcome air-conditioning and the dehydration that occurs as a result, but if you have AC and heating on in the space full time, like in an office environment, steer clear of palms and ferns and go instead for tough options like cactus and peace lilies.

Watering needs will vary depending on the room, season and the plant, but most plants will need more than the dregs of your tea cup.  Try instead a routine of taking them to the bathroom for a proper drink and drip dry once a week.

There are plenty of clever ways to show off your pot plants, like this mini conservatory.
There are plenty of clever ways to show off your pot plants, like this mini conservatory.

Likewise, a regular dose of liquid feed, something like seaweed solution (Seasol or Maxicrop), will improve their health and vigour noticeably … plants need a lunch break too!

When you break for holidays, place them on a towel in the bathtub and leave the tap dripping ever so slightly…they will use the water like a wick through the towel and you’ll come back to a healthy crop of new leaves.

Here are some indoor plants to turn your luck:

1. Eternity Plant

(Zanzibar Gem Zamioulcas zamiifolia)

Eternity Plants look like a fern or cycad, but are as hardy as they come. So, if everything you’ve tried before has died, this one should live forever!


2. Lucky Plant


The Chinese love a good luck charm. Lucky Plants will cope with almost anything, from air conditioning in summer to heating in winter, and have handsome leaves with grey or white markings. They’re also supposed to be good Feng Shui.


3. Happy Plant

(Dracana fragrans)

Happy Plants grow anywhere and can can be plaited or twisted and grown in water or in pots. Like the name suggests, they are supposed to bring Happiness.


4. Peace Lily


Peace Lilies have superb white flowers and glossy leaves, many of which are great for foliage alone, like S.‘Sensation’ and will add a calm to any room.

The peace lily.

5. Jade Plant

(Crassula ovata)

Usually kept at the door to bring in good fortune and prosperity. They are supposed to be on the right hand side to welcome the good fortune into the house. They have lovely succulent leaves and come in large-leaf form (grey and greens) and small-leaf form.



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