Life Home Which brand tops our most trusted list?

Which brand tops our most trusted list?

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The liquid antiseptic Dettol has been ranked Australia’s most trusted brand, while the Hills Hoist has been named the nation’s most iconic, edging out Arnotts and Vegemite.

The annual brand trust rankings, released by Reader’s Digest, also reveal that the Weber is our most trusted barbecue and that we put our faith in a Four’N Twenty pie above all others.

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The survey of more than 2400 Australians reveals our most trusted brands ranging from banks, barbecues, beer, bread and breakfast to pain relief, pens, supermarkets, tea and even toilet paper.

According to the survey, in its 13th year, the nation’s most trusted charity is Guide Dogs.

Toyota has again topped the car category, while Vanish Napisan is the most trusted brand to clean clothes, Lipton tea makes the best cuppa, and if we have to do the vacuuming, we want to do it with a Dyson.

Our most trusted incontinence product was Poise.

The overall most trusted top 10 were Dettol, Colgate, Dyson, Dulux, Band-aid, Parker Pens, Johnson & Johnson, Weber, Weetbix and Panadol.