Life Home Best DIY design ideas found on Pinterest

Best DIY design ideas found on Pinterest

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If you’re an interiors enthusiast and you haven’t yet discovered virtual pinboard Pinterest, you should probably acquaint yourself quick smart. The clever site allows you to collate ideas, recipes and sources of inspiration and, in turn, stickybeak on other people’s creativity.

If you’re on a budget or don’t have an interior designer on hand, Pinterest is ideal for quick, affordable ways to amp up your home. Here, we pick the best (and easiest!) ideas.

1. Print vintage labels and stick them to old paint cans for retro storage baskets

A quick Google search of “vintage” or “retro” labels returns a host of quirky options with which to jazz up your storage method. Get a high-resolution version and glue it to an old paint or baked beans can for a creative way to store pens, business cards, excess coins or house keys.

country home
Country Home

 2. Sew a pocket onto your couch cushions for television remote storage

Whether it’s denim, floral, striped, suede or fur, a neatly sewn pants pocket can add an eclectic touch to your average couch cushion, as well as helping to ensure you never lose another television remote ever again. Cut up an old pair of pants, hand sew the pocket onto a cushion cover and tell family/friends/housemates to keep the remote in its rightful place.

3. Paint wooden stairs two different colours to add detail and depth

Want your stairs to look striking and modern without buying expensive carpeting? Paint the risers and the treads different colours to update them.

house and agrden uk
House and Garden UK

4. Make your hat rack an artwork

If you’re a family with lots of headgear, put it on show in the simplest possible way. Use hooks to hair your hats in a vertical line and artfully arrange them to your liking.

house beautiful3
House Beautiful

5. Use blackboard paint on kitchen cupboards

Discourage kids from painting on walls and get an in-built shopping list in your kitchen by pairing a section of your cupboards with blackboard paint. You can get it from Bunnings and get rid of all those stray bits of paper.

6. Fill a tray with pebbles for a practical and pretty shoe rack

Buy some sleek white or black pebbles from your local gardening store and empty them into a wide plastic or metal tray. The pebbles are attractive but also help to air out wet soles.

martha stewart
Martha Stewart

7. Use a plank of wood as a tea light holder

Drill circular holes in a large plank of wood, put tea lights in it and use it as an outside table centrepiece.

coastal nest
Coastal Nest

8. Make a rope vase

Get a circular ceramic or glass vase and glue a section of rope around it to add a nautical touch to a room.

Emily Schuman