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The mirror house is game changer

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This German house is game changer. Sure it has a conventional silhouette, but it’s the use of the cladding which is really amazing. Designed by architects Bernd Zimmermann Architekten, it’s located in Ludwigsburg, Germany.


The design problem was that the building’s existing boxy exterior had to remain the same, complete with angled roof.

The solution was to clad the exterior with stainless steel on both the walls and roof which reflects the environment and allows the house to dematerialise.


It’s is a terrific sleight-of-hand by the architect, that must have raised plenty of local government eyebrows, but they’ve created a house that does some extraordinary things.

The sky seems to drop all the way down to the ground, creating an amazing sense of space and narrowing the viewer’s focus to the windows and internal view of the house.


It creates a great visual garden, and the house assumes a sleek mystery.

The interior is also an interesting design response with an equally unconventional take on the singular use of materials.


The monastic space is almost completely white over the interior’s three levels. The main splash of colour comes from the large tree that is houses in the internal courtyard.

All the rooms are oriented from this space; with public spaces like offices and dining areas existing within this courtyard.


The design of the house is amazingly clean with very little ornamentation, which is reserved for the more private rooms of the house.

Though it might not be the easiest space to live in, the mirrored marvel has a flair for the extraordinary that could be applied here in in Australia.


A version of this story first appeared in The Home Journal

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