Life Home The perfect reno: Light Cannon House

The perfect reno: Light Cannon House

Katerine Lu
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The architects have unveiled their latest project, the ‘Light Cannon House’ in Annandale, West Sydney. The team established an unusual solution to the standard south-facing Sydney terrace problem by balancing two sculptured roof tower forms – light cannons – to draw in northern light while casting minimal shadow.

The newly lit space is enhanced by a line of black joinery and grey iron bark island bench. The blend of white, light, timber and black highlight the form and functions of the space. An internal courtyard provides a contemplative outdoor zone with a low-maintenance moss garden spilling light and ventilation deep into the downstairs living area, formerly the darkest corner of the house.

Check out photos of the stunning house below.

MG_1990 MG_2036 MG_2085 MG_2163 MG_2183 MG_2209 MG_17491 MG_19441


This story first appeared in The Home Journal.

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