Life Home Painting? Check out 2014’s hottest colours

Painting? Check out 2014’s hottest colours

Your choice of paint colour can make or break your home.
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It’s that time of year again, when we set those all-important goals that often include DIY tasks to be completed by December 31.

The Dulux 2014 Colour Forecast is all about pushing boundaries when it comes to colour. Dubbed Future Tribes, the four new colour palettes will inspire architects and designers across Australia.

Dulux Colour Planning manager Andrea Lucena-Orr says the sky is the limit. “We have so many choices and without the hindrance of traditional rules of how we can use colour, creativity is shining through,” she says. “We are seeing some truly inspirational interiors.”

The Digital Nomads


Travelling the world without leaving home, The Digital Nomad is inspired by cultures that emphasise vibrant pattern. This aesthetic creates an ambience of being immersed in the life of an Aztec tribe or caught up in the energy of a Spanish market place.

Styled by Wilhelmina McCarroll, head designer and director of Zuster, and interior stylists Bree Leech and Heather Nette King, The Digital Nomad features juxtaposed colours that form digital patterns and eclectic interiors.

The Precious Elements

The-Precious-Elements-2Deeply aware of the affect civilisation is having on the earth, the Precious Elementals values natural resources, elements and geometric forms.

Styled again by McCarroll, Leech and Nette King, mineral and metal colours modernise pastels and soft greys, while raw finishes reflect the weathering effects of nature.

The Romantic Spirit

Seductive, sultry and rich in colour, The Romantic Spirits incorporates nostalgia for the past into a technologically-dominated world. The modern design reveals elements of romance from simple embellishments and flourishes resembling calligraphy strokes, to skillfully-turned timber forms.

Styled by Melbourne artist, Geoffrey Carran, Leech and Nette King, The Romantic Spirits capture history with patina finishes and worn looks, which are contrasted against moody colours.

The Retro Visionaries

The-Retro-Visionaries-2The future is bright. But in order to move forward, we must look back. The Retro Visionaries encapsulates this sentiment, taking its cues from the late 20th century when digital culture was first emerging. Quirky, colourful and energetic, this palette relies on the progressive trend of colour blocking.



Styled by well-known abstract expressionist, Rowena Martinich, together with Leech and Nette King, The Retro Visionaries makes a stand against traditional monochrome and proves that brighter can be better.

This story first appeared on The Home Journal.

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