Life Home Design checklist: The ultimate urban pad

Design checklist: The ultimate urban pad

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1. Be the talk of the town














House 10 is a modern Australian classic designed by top interiors outfit Kerry Phelen Design Office. Phelan is one of Australia’s leading interior designers and has won more awards than you’ve had hot breakfasts. With K.P.D.O. on board, you can guarantee you’ll make a splash.
2. Stand out on the block














House 10 is all Brutalist architecture and swaying palms juxtaposed between a shabby apartment block and a Victorian era house. Blend in? Never.
3. Get wet














You’ve just spent a tough day at the office, so just the thing to restore your spirit is a dip in your very own plunge pool. Here, size isn’t everything.
4. Eat out















This kitchen is sleek, elegant and purposeful, but it’s probably more suited to a morning Bircher muesli and a cocktail blender than a full-blown feast. Tonight, you’re going out for dinner.
5. Ditch the flat-screen















There’s nothing worse than a huge flat-screen television dominating the living area like a pagan altar of worship. House 10’s living area is about quiet reflection, reading, art and conversation. If there is a TV it has been hidden in joinery, thanks.
6. Artwork front and centre















Art engages, rewards and evolves over time with you. Pick a great piece of artwork and it will follow you to every house, and never be left out for hard rubbish. It’s the ultimate long-term investment.
7. The bathroom is your stage














The bathroom in House 10 has the twin sinks and mirrors, a celebrity bath tub and bags of restrained style. Makes sense, since it’s the most important room in the house.
8. Just breathe














Avoid stuffy spaces and follow the lead from the bedroom in House 10 – a great external aspect and lots of airflow.
9. Flatten the flat-packs












Craftsmanship and beautiful bespoke furniture is key. House 10 has the best joinery and panelling that is locally produced by people who care.
10. It’s all in the lighting















Lighting should be dramatic, moody and sensual in every corner of the abode. Light the pool for dramatic effect, support a local artisan who handcrafts one-of-a-kind pendents, and use sleek ceiling-mounted down lights.


This story appears courtesy of The Home Journal.

In collaboration with Neometro and MAA Architects, photographs by Derek Swalwell.

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