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Tree of a kind: The coolest Christmas trees ever

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Aussie project Super Fun Happy Tree lives up to its name by providing trees with oodles of Christmas cheer and zero hassle.

After a particularly cramped Christmas spent abroad in Berlin, Marco Gjergja of creative consultancy company Sawdust and Diamonds found himself searching for economical, space-saving ways to get into the spirit.

Gjergja and partners Luke Donovan and Luke Matthews came up with the Super Fun Happy Tree – “a fun, quirky way to add colour to your space.”

The four different posters, each featuring a unique tree with its own personality, are sleek and stylish, adding some festivity to your home without dropping pine needles all over your carpet.

They’re printed on sturdy, environmentally friendly paper that is 50% recycled content.

The Balloon Tree: “This was a crazy idea,” Gjergja says of the modern 3D rendered visualisation, designed by Stephen Phillips for those who favour things that are left of centre “and a bit ridiculous.”














The DIY Tree: Designed by Gjergja, Donovan and Matthews, this tree satisfies those who still like to “get interactive” with their Christmas décor.














The Classic Tree: Sarah Pickering’s whimsical take on the iconic tree was, according to Gjergja, “just supposed to be absolutely beautiful.” Perfect for traditionalists.













The Dude Tree: Andrew Ashton’s pine with a personality is ideal for kids. “Andrew’s idea was to have this big guy in the room overseeing the festivities,” says Gjergja.

Trees are $89.00 each and shipping (within Australia only) is $15.00. Orders close December 16th.

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